Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Uncle Benny Sauka

So here's another mystery for me, my Uncle Benny Sauka, standing on the far right. He was my mother's brother but that's all I know about him. I haven't found any information about him. All I have is this family wedding photo, taken in 1972 at a family wedding. Actually posting this photo is a bonus because there are other members of the family in it for whom I have no information as well. Sauka was my maternal grandmother's maiden name. I know this is her brother because the bride in the photo is my oldest sister. So this is another post to the universe. Anyone look familiar to you?

(l-r) standing - Aunt Stacey Kilenius, Aunt Catherine Butkus, the bride, the groom, Uncle Peter Kilenius, Uncle Benny Sauka and seated - Grampy Anthony K. Martin

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