Saturday, January 31, 2015


I love maps, and I've been searching for a good map of Lithuania that shows the town my family hails from. I found this one online from It shows the county of Telsiai, where the town of Luoke is.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Baltic States

I have been looking around for a good map of the region that includes Lithuania. Naturally there are lots of maps to be had on the world wide web. So far, the map I like best is this one. Mostly I'm happy because it shows the county my family is from in Lithuania - Telšiai.

map credit: World Sites Atlas World Sites Atlas

Sauka An Austrian Name

I did my DNA profile with Ancestry in 2014. Part of the analysis said that the name Sauka is largely an Austrian name. Does that mean I may have ancestors in Austria too? Cool to think about!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Blogger Ninja

It's fascinating to consider
I could be a blogger Ninja.
Watch for updates twice a week
Cast a net far and wide.
Always reaching, hoping, searching
The world wide web inside

The Sauka Family

I have been searching my maternal grandmother's family here in Massachusetts as well. Here is a wedding photo from 1972 that mentions an Uncle Benny Sauka. The main reason for setting up this website is to connect to other family members. I think by posting regularly and adding photos to the posts, they will turn up in someone's Google search. They'll say "Oh! There's my dad Benny Sauka." So I'll be posting regularly in the hopes of perhaps someday reaching out to new family members.

(l-r) Aunt Stacey Kilenius - Aunt Catherine Butkus - Barbara Shanks - her ex husband unnamed in photo - Peter - Uncle Benny Sauka - Grandfather Anthony K. Martin (Martinkus)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Barbara Sauka Martinkus

Finally had a chance to upload photos. Yes! My big sis gave me lots of photos - yay. This is a photo of my big sis with our maternal grandmother Barbara Sauka Martin (Martinkus). Big sis is named after her. The photo was not dated but it's sometime between November 1952 and April 1953. Big sis looks pretty young in the photo and appears dressed for her christening, so this is only a guess but a pretty good one.

My maternal grandmother, Barbara Sauka Martin (Martinkus) holding my big sis. Sometime between November 1952 and May 1953.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

World War 2 Old Mans Draft

My maternal grandfather, Anthony Martin (nee Martinkus) registered for the "old mans draft" to serve in World War 2. Attached is an image of his draft card. This was the very first clue I had to learn about my birth mother's history. Attached is a copy of Grampy Martin's WW2 draft card.

Anthony Kasimer Martinkus World War 2 draft card front
Anthony Kasimer Martinkus World War 2 draft card back