Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where It All Began?

I believe my maternal grandparents were both from the same village in Lithuania:
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Luokė, Telšiai County, Lithuania

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My Maternal Grandfather

Martinkus was my maternal grandfather's name. His draft card states that he was born in Luoke, Telsiai in Lithuania.

My Maternal Grandmother

So as a companion site to my other genealogy research site, I am starting this site. I believe my maternal grandmother's maiden name is Sauka, from Lithuania. It will be interesting to see if this blogging mines any useful tips or hints on my research. Ready-set-go!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Where It All Opened Up

In my browsing around the Ancestry website, and whilst trying out different variations of the last name MARTINKUS, I found this WW II draft card. It gave me the clearest and best clue to my research yet.

Variations On A Name

I began a membership at Ancestry to start my basic research. I've found some records there, such as Federal census records and even local city directories. Now I know names were changed in translation from the original spelling to become Americanized. What I wasn't prepared for was just HOW MANY variations I would find. Even talking with my sisters, their memories of how the original family name was spelled is different. Here are just a few of the various spellings I've found: Martinhus (the original K transcribed to an H), Martinkos (the original U transcribed to an O) and so on. This makes it very difficult to search for local state and federal records. What a task!

Beginning The Journey

I am publishing this blog to begin the journey of discovery into my Lithuanian family tree. It's a long story on how I only just began this journey, but it is the start. If anyone is doing genealogical research on the Martinkus family name, leave a message and let's talk. Start out by reaching out. Wish me luck!