Sunday, March 31, 2013

How To Get Information From Family Members

I have a big sister. She's got lots of photos from our mother's family. I'm having a hard time getting my big sis to let me look at them. Every time I ask, she has some reason why she can't show them to me: I can't find them; Oh they're just pictures; I don't know anyone in the photos; you name it - she comes up with an excuse. Now I realize she has been the keeper of the family heirlooms for a lot longer than I've been. But even if she doesn't know who's in the pictures, I would love to see them and scan them in. I'd love to start an online library of these pictures. One of the reasons I've posted my blogs online is to catch someone else maybe doing research on the same families. Maybe someone out here, trolling for information, might stumble upon my blog and recognize some of these photos. From what I can tell, they are all photos of either dead relatives, or photos of distant cousins as babies and kids. Well, I'll keep at it. Maybe my big sis will get tired of me asking and just let me see them and scan them in. I keep hoping!

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